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Social Media Management and Content Curation

Social networking has become the world's No. 1 online activity. Back in 2011, social media usage already accounted for 1 in 5 actions taken online.

In today's marketplace, it's just good business to use social media to market your company. Use social media to:

  • Cut marketing costs while having more people see your promotions. Buying print advertising space costs money. Social networking, on the other hand, costs nothing. Even if you buy Facebook or Twitter ads, costs are low, and you gain access to incredible demographic targeting tools.
  • Build better customer relationships. When your small business is active on social media, customers can easily contact you regarding questions and service issues. You can reward social media followers by sharing promotions and inside information exclusively on your company's social media feed.
  • Monitor your brand. Thanks to social listening tools, you can react quickly when someone mentions something negative about your company on social networks. You can also say "thank you" to customers who compliment your products or refer other people to your brand.
  • Share valuable information. You can collect informative links to share with your audience, and share your blog posts and other content with a much bigger audience.

When it comes to cost, social media is a no-brainer; time-wise, it's a different story. For all its advantages, social media is labor-intensive. Most small business owners just don't have the time.

Social Media Management for Small Business: What I Do

Gaining followers on social media requires patience, consistent posting, a willingness to experiment with strategy, and time. When you work with me, you'll get maximum value from your social presence with only minimal work for yourself.

Share Online Promotions

I'll help you craft promotions, hashtags, and other strategies for sharing great deals with your customers. You can build big anticipation around special events, promote your sponsorship of community activities, and drive traffic to your business.

Promote Your Content

When you create content or visuals related to promotions, I'll share them on your social networks. As I analyze social media data for your company, you'll gain new insights into the kinds of content and promotions your customers want.

Monitor Your Brand and Your Competitors

I'll monitor your brand and important information related to your brand as well as what your competitors are sharing on social networks. Over time, you'll figure out how to mimic what works for them, but you'll do it better—and in your own unique way.

Address Customer Service Issues

Using social listening, I'll catch negative mentions of your brand and important customer requests. I'll alert you to any issues so you can respond quickly and effectively.

Share Curated Content

In addition to promoting your blog posts and events, I'll find the Web's best content related to your industry. You'll become the community's go-to resource for information that matters to your customers.

Let's Get Started

I've crafted social media posts for a wide range of companies from insurance to network security to accounting services to restaurants. Together, we'll develop a strategy that delivers a measurable ROI for your social media investment.

If you're happy with your strategy and just need someone to help with execution, I'll manage your social media accounts for you. Focus on what you do best: running your business. Delegate social media management to me.

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