One Writer, Many Voices: Professional Writers Should Be Insanely Flexible

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  1. source Jacqueline, this is a great topic. I have been dealing with exactly this on my current job search.

    enter site My resume was turned down by a potential contract employer because I never held the title “proofreader” never mind the fact that most times, a proofreader is an entry level job for someone entering the publishing industry. I didn’t follow that path, but I have been proofing corporate collateral, advertising, marketing, and all sorts of other materials for about two decades, for both writing and design simultaneously.

    source It is unfortunate that some decision-makers do not see outside the narrow scope of specific job titles.

    • follow url I don’t know if you feel this way, David, but I’m really tired of hearing how there’s not enough talent in the workforce. A lot of talented people don’t neatly fit all of the items on a checklist, but HR is usually either incapable of recognizing talent or not empowered to do so. Many people who would perform well at available jobs can’t get past the HR gatekeeper, who’s usually a lower-level employee not skilled enough to recognize transferrable skills, fit for the culture, etc. You’re obviously overqualified for a proofreading position, and that’s exactly why someone should hire you. Whatever proofreading notation/training you required, you’d pick up within a week, and the employer would have valuable employee who could make bigger judgment calls involving far more than where to put commas. Also, the employer would have someone who could be a possibility for permanent employment and for upward movement within the company. Why do people have no vision?

      follow url Someone with a decade of experience at “title” doesn’t necessarily do the job better, and someone who’s more of a generalist and picks things up quickly might adapt to change better. As a manager, I always thought that you hired the person, not the resume. Talented people can play many different roles in an organization…because they have talent.

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