About Jackie

sales cialis professional headshot of content writer jacqueline leeHi, I'm Jackie! I'm here to help people who have great ideas share them effectively with the people who need to learn about them. By day, I work as a copy editor and copywriter at Ethan Allen headquarters. I also consult as a freelance content writer, editor, and strategist.

clomid fertility drug side effects I have seven years of experience writing and editing copy for print as well as for digital marketing and advertising, including social media. You can read a quick profile of me and learn some of my thoughts on content marketing in this Pagezii blog interview.

At this point, it feels as though I've created and edited content for anything and everything!—but these are the industries for which I've worked the most as a content writer:


  • Technology (network security, cloud computing, healthcare tech, SDN/VNF, software-defined storage, ITIL, DevOps, service desk—and more)
  • Digital marketing (SEO, social media, content marketing, CRO)
  • Insurance (life, auto and home, group benefits)
  • Financial products (annuities, securities, group retirement plans)
  • Human resources (recruiting, candidate experience, retention)
  • Home furnishings and design (interior design, product and color trends, manufacturing with a focus on corporate social responsibility)

I've written magazine copy, ads, social media posts and ads, blog posts, signage, billboards, web pages, press releases, annual reports, marketing emails, digital marketing case studies, product descriptions, compliance materials, corporate social responsibility information, PowerPoint presentations, and more. What I like best is helping brands/individuals communicate with a voice that's authentic to them and their values. I also like working with writers to help them share their ideas in the most concise, clear, and effective way possible and helping copy teams keep projects on track for completion.

I’ve worked as a content writer and copy editor for many businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. My work on behalf of client brands has appeared in Forbes.com, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and Entrepreneur, and I'm a Hootsuite-certified social media professional and a professional member of the American Copy Editors Society.

I've built my reputation on delivering creative, high-quality content that fosters increased engagement, better organic search presence, and higher conversions for my clients. I'm always ready to create a good story. How can I help you tell yours?