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537,895 Twitter Marketing Strategies (How to Overwhelm Your Twitter Followers)

The best way to learn about Twitter marketing strategies for business is to follow some of the most important thought leaders in your field. Through my Twitter business account, I follow a mix of marketing and business thinkers so that I stay informed on the latest social marketing trends.

However, a Twitter feed becomes crowded pretty quickly, so I use Twitter lists to separate the people that I follow into groups. This tool allows me to read about one subject, such as marketing or healthcare, instead of trying to mine my unfiltered Twitter feed for content gems.

I appreciate that great marketers want to share their wisdom. Also, I understand that a title like "5 Ways to Connect With Influential People on Twitter," which promises a well-structured, numbered list of tips, is more likely to get a click than a completely overwhelming title. "Communicating on Twitter: The Novice's Guide to Initiating 140-Character Social Interactions with Complete Strangers Who Are Both Busy and Important" just doesn't have the same je nais se quoi.

I've noticed lately, however, at least in my Twitter feed, that the promised number of tips, ways, ideas, tricks, hacks, secrets, and other quantifiable and illuminating nouns has been multiplying like a bunch of amorous bunnies in spring. If the title promises 10 or fewer tricks to mastering a subject that compels me, then I might save the shortlink to Pocket to read later. However, if the post is going to require me to slog through 11 or more tips, I'm going to keep scrolling. I'm busy. So are you.

Twitter Marketing: Your Follower's Perspective

In your mind, picture your tweets nestled within a follower's Twitter feed. They're snuggled in between Ricky Gervais, Wil Wheaton, and Gwyneth Paltrow's oil-pulling teeth whitening regimen. If you dish up a blog post entitled "40 Questions to Ask During Your Next Physical," there's a good chance that your patient will consciously uncouple with your tweet and keep scrolling down the page.

Twitter is a noisy place, and people have limited time even for your carefully crafted well-spring of experience, wisdom and knowledge. People run from raging tsunamis, but they might stop for a drink at a babbling brook. Keep the content you share on Twitter manageable.

Friendly advice: Ask yourself whether your guilty of generating a tsunami of these mega-list blog posts as part of your Twitter marketing strategy. If you are, divide your information into smaller bites. You're overwhelming your Twitter followers. 

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