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Content Library: Create One and Manage It

In addition to publishing content, you need to organize content and update it frequently. That’s why having a content library is critical to your content marketing strategy.

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Content Curation: DIY or Automate?

Is it better to automate content curation completely or handle it yourself? This post will help you find the right balance between quality and saving time.

Frequent Blogging = Compound Interest

Frequent blogging means blog posts keep working long after their publication date. Discover the SEO and marketing value you get from posting regularly to your blog.

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Content Creation for Creative Professionals

For creatives, the CTA is “take a chance on me.” You have to convince people to build a relationship with you by explaining who you are, what you’ve done, and why you’re worth it.

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Ghostwriting Done Well

Don’t order written work the way you’d order Happy Meals from the drive-thru. Instead, hire a partner to present your best ideas in a well-written package.

Track Blog Topics and Ideas Using Evernote

When you have blog topics or ideas, or you see an article that warrants further study, don’t think too much about developing the concept. Instead, grab it, store it in Evernote, and know that it’s there the next time you need it.