Blog Management and Small Business Content Marketing

Turn Your Blog Into a Dynamic Business Tool. Create and Share Great Content.

As a business owner or busy professional, time is your most precious commodity. You understand the benefits of small business content marketing – maybe you have a vision for a blog or a blog that’s started and stalled – but you have no time for day-to-day blog management or creating and sharing content.

Let me take blog management and content marketing off your hands by taking care of the daily work for you. In addition to managing your blog, I can help you develop a library of content assets to share with both prospects and returning customers.

Full Service Blog Management

When you outsource blog management, you're essentially hiring a property manager for your blog. Although you always remain editor-in-chief of your blog—just as a building owner always owns the building—you leave the busywork and support tasks to me.

Blog Post Creation and Optimization

In addition to taking charge of content creation for your blog, I'll revisit your old content, proofread it for professionalism, and optimize it for better search engine rankings. Your blog posts have your byline, and you always have final approval before posting, but I get everything ready behind the scenes.

Scheduling, Publication, and Promotion

I'll build an editorial calendar so that you know what’s being posted and when. I can also publish your blog posts and promote them on your social networks. If you’d like to share blog posts with your email list, I’ll compose marketing emails for you. I'll also recommend ways to get more mileage from your posts by transforming them into different types of content.

Audience Analysis and Growth

Some members of your audience read your blog because they subscribe to it or because you promote it to them. Others stumble upon your blog when they’re searching for a topic on Google or Bing. I’ll help you analyze the searches that bring people to your blog and develop a content strategy based on what your audience wants to see.

I’ll also help you develop a mix of both current and evergreen content so you get traffic from many different sources. Current content tends to get sudden readership spikes, but evergreen content steadily builds traffic for better search rankings and long-term readership.

Design and Technical Blog Management

I'll help you experiment with small design tweaks that can make a big difference to your audience. For example, we can test two versions of a blog post page to see which one gets more readership, and we can unify your blog design to match your brand: colors, logos, fonts, and more.

I'll also ensure that your blog receives regular updates of themes and plugins, and I'll help you resolve minor technical issues that will prevent excessive downtime. You'll know your blog is always current and fully functional so it's working hard for your business.

Guest Post Management

Many blog editors like to invite people they respect to create guest posts for their blog. They also create systems that allow writers to pitch guest posts that will deliver value to readers. I'll make sure your guests enjoy every part of the contribution process, and I’ll ensure their content meets your quality standards. Additionally, I'll create a style guide for guest posts and an organized, professional submission process so that people will want to write for you again and again.

Comment Management

As your blog readership grows, more and more readers will leave comments about your posts. Responding to reader comments is a crucial relationship-building tool. For low-volume blogs, I’ll alert you any time a reader comments; for high-volume blogs, I’ll maintain a digest that lets you respond quickly to key comments. I’ll post your comments after you finish them, if needed, and I’ll send reminders to ensure follow-up.

Affiliate Link Placement and Disclosure

If your blog generates income through affiliate posts and links, I'll help you place links in your posts and meet your content obligations to your advertisers.

Small Business Content Marketing

Providing useful or even delightful pieces of content to your customers, at just the right time, can have a big influence on their buying decisions. I provide content marketing consulting for small businesses along with content creation assistance. Together, we will:

  • Evaluate your existing content library to identify what you already have—you might have more content than you think.
  • Analyze what your competitors offer in terms of small business content marketing assets and figure out how you can do it better.
  • Identify opportunities for sharing content with your customers via social networks, blog posts, guest blogging, email marketing, and more.
  • Repurpose existing content into something new and newly useful, such as transforming a blog post into a SlideShare pitch deck you can share with customers or use at a presentation.

In addition to creating small business blogs, you can create content hubs providing specific information about a limited topic to your customers. Think of them as online information centers, dedicated to your unique expertise, where your customers access information and download assets.

Small business content marketing isn't just about making content and sharing it. When you analyze how customers interact with your content, you learn more about them, and you learn how to make your business indispensable to them. I'll help you collect data about how customers use your content, determine which types of content they prefer, and deliver the content they really want.

Supercharge Your Content Strategy

Whether you're marketing a small business or just trying to get a profitable blog up and running, I'll help you put your ideas into action. We'll launch a strategy, monitor and fine-tune it, and open up new avenues for gaining revenue.

A smart, coherent content strategy sets your business apart from the competition. Start transforming your blog, creating a content hub, or building your content library today.

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