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What Ruins Website Engagement, Costs Millions, and Turns off Potential First Dates? Bad Grammar. Is your business—or your love life—failing to take off? Look no further than the grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors on your website.

pfizer viagra pills online canadian pharmacy Researchers from Global Lingo asked U.K. residents whether bad grammar would cause them not to make a purchase on a website. Nearly 6 in 10 said “yes,” claiming bad grammar jeopardizes trust in the site. British Webmaster Charles Duncombe, who manages multiple e-commerce, travel, and mobile phone websites, told the BBC he can double website revenue just by correcting grammatical errors on a site.

source url “Cheerio!” you say. “We’re Americans, and we’re not stuffy and always drinking tea like those Britons. Grammar is for Grammar Nazis and doesn’t affect us.”

go Well…

acquistare viagra generico 100 mg pagamento online a Torino According to a Harvard Business Review study of LinkedIn profiles:

  • Fewer grammar errors on LinkedIn profiles correlated with reaching director-level positions earlier in one’s career.
  • People with only one to four promotions during their careers made 45 percent more grammatical errors on LinkedIn than people who’d earned six to nine promotions.

Bad Grammar? No Dates for You! Grammar and spelling errors aren’t just affecting your professional life. Kibin conducted a survey of 1,700 online daters to ask them how they view bad grammar in an online dating profile.

  • 22 percent don’t care.
  • 43 percent said bad grammar was a turnoff.
  • 35 percent said impeccable grammar was a turn-on (yowza!). If you’re looking for a rich boyfriend or girlfriend, good grammar is even more important. People making over $100,000 per year care 10 percent more about clean grammar than their less wealthy counterparts.

The Takeaway

levitra 20 mg cin vendita So much of our online communication is text-based. Always have a second pair of eyes check any professional digital marketing assets, blog posts, and social media posts for good grammar.

follow And when it comes to online dating, check yourself before you wreck yourself. After all, why turn off that Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma who’s pining for someone like you?


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